Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Apparently my nostrils weren’t clean enough

I am in my early 40’s; I have let myself go, and feel worn out like a deflated tire, floppy and saggy. So I decided to improve my endurance with a stationary bike, and my core with a foam roller.

The dogs think this is fantastic. I am not moving, and can pet them. Here’s Chibi falling asleep as I hold her while I bike.

Atticus likes to come over and lean on me then as well, so I can scratch his bottom. He has a leaning disability.

Then there are the attempts to do yoga or use the foam roller. Please, please, dogs, stand over/on/under as I try to exercise on the floor.

It’s hard to take pictures of yourself from the ground, to show what the beasts are doing. And it makes my neck look terrible.

I gave up, had Sue do it. As you can see, my nostrils were lacking in hygiene and needed a thorough inspection via Tiny Dog’s dog mouth and persistence.

Ignore that pile of pre-laundry.

If I turn my head, she leans as far over as she can from her sternum perch, and gets at the edge of my lips, the side of my nose, an eyelid. My neck still looks awful from this angle.

I thought these episodes showed her sweetness, but I now think she’s just greedy. Face salt! Massage! Kisses!

Despite this, I ponder getting a used recumbent bike off Craig’s List, strapping Tiny Dog to my chest and biking to work when the temps rise again. I once saw a cat poking its head out of a person’s shoulder bag while we passed them on the bike path. The cat was totally relaxed, slowly blinking at the dogs and me, as if to say, Yo. And there is a guy in town who puts doggles and a mini leather jacket on his dog, and lets the Yorkie stick his head out from the driver’s side of the truck. And I’ve seen a few sneaked-in eentsy dogs in Baby Bjorns while shopping at the coop. So it’s not like I’d be a total weirdo, dog to my chest, zooming along on my bike.

I can’t wait for spring.

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