Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tomato addiction

It’s tomato season which means fresh salsa, open-faced tomato sandwiches, pasta sauces. But you have to watch the thieves, those canine foodies who pick off the ripe toms one by one, right under your nose.

I just caught the galoot Atticus standing in the raised bed, licking a ripe large tomato through the upper rung of the tomato cage, like it was a giant lollipop. I requested he stop, and he looked up, paused and then ignored me. The tom was damaged with teeth marks, so I pitched it into the yard. The chi-weenie George stole it and ate the whole thing.

She started the tomato pillaging a few years ago, plucking just the ripest perfect ones, those orange sweet cherries. She always seemed to get to them before I could. Last year, I got few. 

Caught red handed/pawed. The first of many tomatoes off the vine, a la Georgina.

This summer we have a CSA and neither dog is tall enough to eat the ones off the high countertop. I can’t blame the two for wanting the red goodness. I mean, see how much we look forward to this time of year, eating these juicy, tangy, end of summer dreams?

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