Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Girl likes to roll

Human thrill > dog thrill at this fashion choice.

Fall is here, the hint of yellow in everything, foliage spinning in the wind. I got back on the longboard, two months post wrist-bending, pavement digger. It was blustery but sunny, and I found a quiet path, out of the way. I got some speed up with the land paddle, except for the stretch covered in fallen cottonwood leaves. But. I. Did. Not. Fall. (new wrist guards, and all—)

The path had a city sign that said NO DOGS, bah. Not sure why this half mile stretch of suburban commuter bike thru-way needed to be dog free. I saw no one. But the chihuas were home anyhow, post walk-bliss being off leash in an overgrown urban field, complete with city mulch piles to climb, a black vulture overhead, and plenty of sticky-pokey burrs stuck to the harnesses.

And the sun continues to shine, stinging our brains with happy wavelengths. Yeah, it gets dark at six now, and we will lose a minute of light each day until the winter solstice, so I am grabbing all the UV I can get, cast at an autumn angle, just warm enough to go out in a fleecy vest.

On our dog walk, I had to take the sweaters off two of three of the chis, their bodies heating up by the pulling. When off leash, Wren got her cartoon run going, almost rising up on her back legs as she passed me again and again. The girl was happy.

Tiny Dog insisted I carry her for most of it. She was wearing a turtleneck sweater in cream, with a squirrel holding a nut that Nana got for her last summer on sale. I think it looks fetching, but gets sullied easily. The beast loves to roll. 

Mother-daughter lattes the same trip Nana bought Tiny Dog the sweater. 

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