Wednesday, May 13, 2015


She is uncertain. The new sling (Care4Dogs on Etsy, hello, Netherlands!) is soft, cozy, but a new sensation, a hammock that moves as I move, swings as I turn. I love having my hands free. Nice modeling, eh?, my work scrubs and name tag.

This is what she is used to, close to the chest:

Tucked in my sweater. As you can see, she falls easily asleep there, and prefers it to my lap.

I was hoping to see if she'd like to sling as I biked. I had imagined us on a 3-speed beach bike, lazily pedaling through the summer. And even to work. I do not yet have a beach bike, but I am going to sit her down and have a serious talk about future transportation options.

This is how we made it through the coldest days of winter: my puffy long, middle-aged suburban mom coat, a fleece-lined wool hat with ear flaps, a fleece cowl; Tiny Dog in two coats, a hat, and zipped into my down coat. Here we are leaving work, after dark, the light on in the car:

Now with the lilacs blooming, is it optimistic to remove the windshield ice scraper, the small snow shovel, and back-up mittens from the car?

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