Tuesday, December 15, 2015

14 teeth left

This sweater sparkles, when you look closely. A present from one of the lovely clinic techs. It's from our work x-mas party the weekend before Tiny Dog's Big Dental Day.

As vets, we are not immune to anxiety about our pets having surgery. I was banned from the treatment area of the clinic, to lessen my pacing. I knew she was in good hands, but the irrational mind is a powerful thing.

Post-op: 3 blankets, a sweater, a heated bed. That is one high and sad pup.

She started with 42 teeth when I got her. She's now had 3 dentals in 3 years. Her chart, below, shows this round's extractions: red are full extractions, blue are root extractions. The large open circles are teeth already gone. Chihuahua mouths are often bad, crowded, leading to rot, pain.

Thank you, Dr Beth!

She's worn out, on her way home. But she he rallied, danced for some sliced turkey. Wonderful!: the dental blocks (lidocaine into the gums, before teeth extracted, for pain). 

Next up for a dental is Wrennie, but I am not telling her yet.

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