Sunday, April 20, 2014

How loud is it?

The neighborhood is finally quieting down a tiny bit because it’s starting to rain. Easter apparently is a time for triple dueling stereos, throngs out children outside, and my Georgie who just won’t stop barking.  Wait, that’s like every weekend when it’s nice out. George has taken her winter cabin fever and condensed into a new behavior of overt, overkill vocalization.

See the snow outside from last winter? This is what drove George to the barking madness. 

This is blurry because she's busy barking her head off.

Sue is at her wit’s end and is wearing her industrial strength ear protection with a built-in stereo. I have taken her hint and hooked myself up to my iPod so I can start to trim back the wisteria.

We are moving the wisteria to the front yard. I did not know when I put it in that it was toxic. Last summer I found Chibi rolling a seed around on her tongue and I quickly dug it out. And yesterday, George came up to me to present an entire pod she had found in the leaf litter. I call these the “pods of death”: as the ASPCA poison control site says that ingesting the plant can cause “vomiting (sometimes with blood), diarrhea, depression.”  Well not death, I hope, but you should feel very very badly.

Sue was moving the hops rhizomes to a more pedestrian friendly area (the mature tendrils are very grabby and leave red stripes on your arms that itch). Hops are poisonous to dogs too, a risk seen especially with the rise of home brewing. The APSCA states ingested hops cause in dogs, “panting, high body temperature, seizures, death.”  I caught George chewing a vine last year. I can’t leave this dog alone for a second.

The rest of the garden is in need of some new plants. I am a little scared to look up what greenery I already have to see if they are toxic, too, as well as to see what new ones I want to add in. Out is the moonflower and morning glory seeds to plant for pretty vines in the back.

Here’s a nice list of plants to scare the bejesus out of you:

You’re welcome.

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