Friday, April 25, 2014

OURHouseOurHouseOurHOUSE (this is a bark, translated)

I am having one of those small vs big dog moments. Not inter-dog aggression, thankfully, but mental list-making. Tiny Dog is currently clawing my thigh to pick her up.

Then there’s this:

Atticus, 75 lbs, tall and lean, has become hyper-territorial this spring about our house and other dogs walking by, minding their own damn business.  This picture not only shows our spring pickup on the curb and the winter burn to the evergreen shrubs, but that’s a large jagged shard of missing glass plus side pieces hanging onto the edge of the window frame.

Scene: loud, sharp, fast barking from the living room, a CRACK, then silence.

Luckily there was no blood and he got the hell out of the way.

Tiny Dog is now on my lap, asleep. Atticus is back in another window, sleeping on a side table, head on the window ledge.

Guess who is getting shutters for the living room?

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