Monday, May 26, 2014

The best part of my day: part II, dogs outside

On Friday and Saturday, I took the chi trio to the dog park.  Tiny Dog insisted I carry her for the second half of the park loop, princess that she is. But their joy at being at the park was infectious: bursts of running and circling back, panting and smiling, eyes bright.  I wanted to stay all day.

Today, the six of us went to a city park. Three happy Chis and Atticus with his tongue hanging out.  Sue had a crazy idea. She wanted Atticus to pull her while she sat on my new longboard. This fun only lasted a few minutes. He looked perplexed: Do what? Go where? With you? Thankfully she had on gloves and a helmet because she tipped right over. Kablam. 

So I skated instead, and those that know me, will be concerned. I have terrible balance. But I am getting better! And this is part of the longboarding plan as well.


And despite being 43, I am not buying a sports car. A board and a new cool helmet will do. Tiny Dog raced behind me as I slowly toodled down the bike path on a secluded section.  One could walk faster on foot. But she smiled up at me, like she had at the dog park, and who could ask for more?

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