Sunday, June 1, 2014

Farm dogs

After a long and sometimes sad week at work, I needed some respite. So I took the trio out to Bird and Amelia's Running Chicken Farm to hang out with them, as well as the flock of teen chickens, the smaller flock of egg layers, two guinea fowl, the stunning Percherons Tom and Henry, the rams and their harem with fast-growing lambs, and also of course, the two farm dogs, Moss and Grendel.

Friends & dogs. Sun. Beer. Pizza. Revived. The three prevailed in their ATC, all terrain chihua, natures, especially George who went for a creek swim and then a mud bath. The trio rolled in eau de farm: ahem, poop. So each's neck ruff is rough smelling, ack.

Here is what else we were up to:

100 chickens strolling!

About 4,000 lbs of horse: Tom and Henry, gentle & genteel gentlemen.

Same size!

Size is a matter of perspective, eh?

Wren helping us water the chickens. She was a good girl.

This is a bad dog: me holding George off the ground after she went after 2 chickens.

Tiny Dog does not looked thrilled but she is very VERY brave.

Brave ATC snuck under the fence, talking to the big guy, who could care not 1%.

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