Sunday, January 11, 2015

It continues

This is what -20 to -30 windchills outside do to us. We go nowhere, except to work. The rest of the time involves a sleeping bag on the couch. Maybe a book. 

This weather is so fierce, it makes sense to focus on silly things:

Things that are mildly disappointing:
1.     Store-bought guacamole
2.     Thrift store jeans that rarely fit
3.     Vegan cream cheese
4.     Season 4+ storylines of Grey’s Anatomy
5.     Trying to sit up straight
6.     Drive-thru lattes
7.     Frost to scrape off car windows before work
8.     Middle-aged weight gain
9.     Eating ice cream in the winter
10. Static cling hair
11. Finding the Nutella jar empty
12. Cold butter shredding the toast

None of these precipitate a meltdown, or even an itsy tantrum.

Tiny Dog’s list of annoyances are:
1.     Those who will not give her treats 24 hours/day
2.     Me getting up from nest of dogs in the sleeping bag
3.   Dog clothing

That’s about it.

Her greater concerns are:
1.     Cold weather
2.     Me leaving her home when I need to go places, sans dog
3.     Itchy skin

Today, though, today was a glorious 25 degrees. And this felt like summer.  Sun on the face. The dogs were zinging around the house inside, knowing full well that outside was suddenly better. A walk we went, Tiny Dog in my coat, of course.

I am weather obsessed, so I know what’s coming (brr). Is it better to be dog-like and just go forth?

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