Friday, January 30, 2015

Puppies, puppies everywhere

Yesterday, my boss said I would be due for an intervention if Tiny Dog and I started to dress alike. Which prompted me, with the encouragement of the clinic bookkeeper, to reverse Tiny Dog’s fleece to turquoise. And here we are:

A bit of brightness as I hacked and wheezed through my work day, and walked stiff-necked from a silly injury, a neck pull, from darn-regular towel hair drying. 

There were other small thrills, as well. The box of eight! pit bull puppies, each a special combo of black and white, or brown and white. Eight four-week old babies, wobbly, but still able to climb out of the box again and again, as the four year old boy placed them back in the box, over and again.

Looking past that the dog parents were teen dogs, and siblings, it was a fun appointment. Eight square pudgy faces, eyes half open with blue irises. The mom pacing, getting up on her hind legs to smell the babies on the exam table.

The human, young couple was doing a good job keeping them all straight, all had names, and they looked tired from not really sleeping through the night. Once one puppy roused and yodeled, the others joined in.

I tried to focus on each sweet face, not the fact of the unplanned and large litter. Four of the puppies were spoken for, but I worry at least some of these babies will go out to have their own litters as well. Pits are #1, then chihuahuas #2, the front runners of breeds in shelters. The highest in euthanasias, therefore.

I got Georgie because she was knocked up and left at a shelter, went to a kind person for foster to have and raise her puppies. Her name was Sunny in foster, due to her exuberant sweetness and smiling nature.

Here are her equally cute progeny, all redheads like their mama:

One has to assume these were an accident. George not spayed earlier enough, an intact male nearby.

If there is a happy end to this pit bull story, the couple is ready to spay the mama once the puppies are out of the house. They now know that puppies are expensive, seeing the vet every three weeks. May they all go on to long, healthy lives.

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