Sunday, June 7, 2015

Big with the littles

Today a WI blog reader stated, I'd like to see more pictures of the big guy.

I said, I can do this.

He has been absent. He's often not in pictures because the Crabby-Pants Trio does. not. like. to. share. Three dogs on the couch = full. Bugger off.

So here he is, dear reader:

4 canines + 1 Sue. Tiny Dog as couch gargoyle.

Inappropriate bed, but near the window.

Atticus has a friend. The littles won't play with him. This makes him sigh.

Tiny Dog using him for sun patch. Same inappropriate window seat, now with dog bed. Who needs a side table, right?

And he's the only one who can tolerate winter walks, being regular-sized and thick-coated. He is a right pain in the arse on the leash, but goes to school next week. He's almost 5. Not too late, eh?

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