Saturday, June 20, 2015

When everyone is taller

Today at the dog park, the girls got their wheels out, as Sue likes to say. Revved up and doing circles, smiling, low to the ground and turning back around for more.

They are apt to do this in the small dog section. Then we go out in the main park, where Georgie whines at approaching dogs, Wren tries to stay in the periphery, and Tiny Dog insists I carry her.

The view is better up there anyway. And here, she’s sleeping, it’s so comfortable. 

We passed a very old yellow lab who did not know she was old or that she had arthritis or that she had lar par (laryngeal paralysis), her exhale like Darth Vader. She gamboled along heaving her ribs, bunny hopping her legs out behind her. I think she thought she was a puppy. It was cool out, overcast, so she could really get going and not pass out from lack of oxygen.

Wren snapped at this dog because she was just too plain exuberant and the lab moved on, not perturbed at all.

Another, younger yellow lab thought George was a terrific thing to chase and G did not agree. Thankfully, this dog came when called off, and G sat by the gate, glaring.

All the while, Tiny Dog was riding high, sniffing the air, and getting cooed at by passing dog walkers. This suits her, lifted off the ground, able to see what’s coming and so relaxed she almost doesn’t care.

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