Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hats for bats

By 11 am at work yesterday, I was speckled with various fluids: dog urine, dog anal sac juice, cat anal sac juice, and then my blood (I got scratched, four tracts, 8 cm long on my forearm, dog nails). I had changed my scrubs once that morning, and then had to go home at lunch to have a whole Do Over in the clothes department.

Mood changer: clean pants/shirt + lunch-time latte.

It’s usually not that messy that close together. Happy Halloween.

Tiny Dog spent the afternoon asleep in her heated cat bed at work. She just realized it could be warm when plugged in. Tough going. She was exhausted from trying to nest all week in the corner of the clinic while simultaneously keeping track of me as I went in and out of exam rooms. Solved: plug in heated cat bed, place Tiny Dog in cage out of the fray but high enough to keep an eye on all the humans. She may love that bed more than me.

Now it’s Saturday, post-nap, post long week. Here’s what the crew did after their farm romp this morning while I was at work:

Yeah, I am a little jealous. But Wren snuggled into my neck this afternoon, and I got a whiff of animal poop on her neck, just as I was about to fall asleep. Once again, she was proud of the perfume, and I, disgusted.

It’s been cold, snowing for the first time, also yesterday. The windchill Friday morning was in the 20’s F, and today 16 degrees. Tiny Dog hates this, feels tortured that you ask her to go outside at all.

I am off to cruise Etsy now for hats for Chihuahuas again. I did not have much luck the other day, just hats for greyhounds, nothing knit small enough, to cover her ears. It’s like looking for Hats for Bats—I went to a bat talk last year and when the demonstrater held the fruit bat upright, he said, Doesn’t she look like a Chihuahua? It was startling. They were doppelgangers = bat + Tiny Dog. Bats have big ears to hear better, and I know Tiny Dog can hear a dropped dog kibble 500 feet away. But those ears keep her cool in a hot weather, not really needed in WI. She loses heat too fast here, and needs a hat. 

The best I can do so far is this humiliating Santa hoodie Sue got last year. Ugh, says Tiny Dog, I am SO mad at you.


  1. Hi Sara
    Love your blog! We have several Chichis, the newest addition being Auggie who is 2 pounds .08 ounces. Before we got him we were shopping for a jacket for him and couldn't find anything small enough for him so my partner Karen made him 3 jackets and knitted him a sweater. They came out great! She has also knitted sweaters and made coats for all of the other dogs. She is considering creating a line of doggie accessories and was wondering what type of design you had in mind for a hat for Chibi? She would make you a hat for free if you would be willing to help with design. Please let us know if you are interested, and stay warm little doggies!

  2. THANK you for reading! I love to hear about other chihua households.

    I think the doggie line of sweaters and hats are a great idea!
    I saw this larger one on Etsy:
    And this one, though sans pompom?

    I would be happy to buy a little hat for the 6 lb Chibi that covers her ears, easy to slip on, with an attached turtleneck. We take walks with her tucked in my jacket, but head out into the world.

    And of course, I will feature the hat on my blog!

    Have a great day-- Sara

  3. Hi Sara
    Both of the hats are adorable! Karen would like a measurement of the circumference of Chibi's neck and a measurement from the top of Her head to her neck. Please send all future messages to In case you were wondering, Karen is technophobic so I send messages for her.
    Take care