Friday, November 21, 2014

Tiny hats for all!

O, internet, you can be wonderful sometimes.

One of the pleasures of writing this blog is seeing where folks are reading it. Hello France! Hello Ukraine! Hello States! Hello Russia! Hello Netherlands! Hello Germany! Hello Hong Kong! Hello Romania! Hello Poland! Hello Mexico! Hello Indonesia! The breadth of readers astounds me. Thanks for wanting to hear about tiny dogs.

And also, this lovely thing happened: someone out there made three hats for Tiny Dog. Karen and Steve emailed me about their 2 pound chichi Auggie (0.9 kg!), and how Karen had to knit clothes for him since he was so minute. And also: would I like a hat? I would!

So: here they are! 
A. Fleece & lined (dog print fabric!) reversible hood with Velcro chin strap
B. Two pullover stocking knit caps

Same hat: two looks! Check out the attention to detail:
chin strap, plenty of room for ears, jolly dog print inside, and soft soft fleece.
Not quite Georgie's size, since the hat is made for Tiny Dog, but I HAD to do it. Had to.

Not sure what she's thinking, but she just wants a nap, I believe.

Want one too? Please email Steve, who will chat with Karen, the knitting and fleece hat genius:
Ask her about teeny sweaters too!


  1. Hats are FABULOUS....and yes, details noted! they may need whole body suits though with this early kick off to winter...gonna be a cold one :(

  2. Indeed! This winter is early and very cold!